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Through the body the mind will follow

Keith E. Lyons aka The Anxious Mammal focuses on anxiety and how it has infiltrated every aspect of the mind and body as we have evolved socially. When created, by whatever means, we were given a fear response in order to survive. Anxiety keeps us alive when there is a threat. However, anxiety makes the mind and the body ill when it is in response to a perceived threat rather than an actual threat. We experience anxiety when we see a wild animal, another person with a weapon, or see a boulder falling towards us from a mountain. We experience stress, a mostly unhealthy form of anxiety, when we get a bill we can not afford, our car does not start, or we lose our job. One is survival, the other is not, yet we experience the same physical sensations and fearful thoughts. This is something that was learned, and it can be unlearned to varying degrees. This is a platform that provides information, resources, and discussion to re-train our mind and body to understand that we can be safe.


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