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My Philosophy

I believe that everyone has a right to enjoy life and experience it to the fullest. No matter what the situation it must always be examined objectively and from a compassionate approach, because we never know someone else's story as well as they do. I meet the individual where they are, focusing on what the individual believes is the most concerning issue. Sometimes people put up walls to keep people out, other times they want to see who will break them down. My job is not to remove this wall, but to show individuals that they do not need them with the right understanding and support.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" - the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama

My Story

When I was younger I had to struggle with many realities in my family: addiction, depression, suicide, poverty, mental health issues, and more. This afforded me the opportunity to experience first hand some of the crisis that many individuals in this world face on a regular basis. As I grew older I began to understand that my path was already in front of me. For years those around me confided in me for advice and help while I struggled in some of the same areas in my own life. I finally decided that I would do whatever it takes to focus my abilities on advocating for those in need. I worked full time while attending school full time, doing whatever it took to further my education and connection with those in the field of social work and community advocacy.


I began my career by creating a non-profit called Coalition for Compassion with my wife, and that first experience of truly working selflessly to benefit others was all I needed to know my purpose in life. My life is now devoted to service work, volunteering, and doing whatever I can to support those who confide in me to find relief, joy, and/or balance in their lives. I continue to further my education and my professional experience by raising awareness and funds for those in need and working towards further credentials to increase my ability to provide clinical intervention and influence policy on a micro and macro level. I love what I do for a living, helping others.

My Training

PhD In Psychology (ABD)

Capella University, Expected dissertation completion 2022

“Self-regulation depends on having a friendly relationship with your body. Without it you have to rely on external regulation—from medication, drugs like alcohol, constant reassurance, or compulsive compliance with the wishes of others.” - Dr. Bessel A. van der Kolk

Masters Degree in Social Work

Walden University, 2016

BA in Sociology

San Diego State University, 2012

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II PTSD

IATP and Evergreen, 2018

"The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect." - Peter A. Levine

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional

IATP and Evergreen, 2019

E.M.D.R. Trained

EMDRIA Approved Trauma Recovery HAP, 2021

Certified ADHD Clinical Services Provider

IATP and Evergreen, 2021

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