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Racing Thoughts, Racing Heart, Racing Everything: How to Slow Down Now and Forever

We all deal with anxiety, in fact if we did not have anxiety, we would be dead. Anxiety is meant to be a survival state for the body, warning us of danger and preparing us to survive it. However, when there is not actual and immediate threat to our life, then anxiety is not only not useful, but unpleasant and makes the situation more difficult. Therefore, it is imperative that we not just accept anxiety as a part of our lives, but explore it and manage it. There are immediate ways to do this for some relief and there are long term methods to eliminate the triggers for our unnecessary anxiety.

I often have clients ask me “what do I do?” As a therapist this is a difficult question, as I do not know what is best for each individual, but only have suggestions based off knowledge and experience. So this is a breakdown of what I would recommend as a short and long term management plan for anxiety and all that comes with it. This includes racing thoughts, shakiness, body tension, negative thoughts, and cognitive difficulties.