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Reccomended Reading

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This book is a staple, the modern "bible" of understanding how anxiety and trauma are a memory your body creates and stores. This is the foundation of my approach in anxiety management.


An excellent resource to utilize with the original book. It allows you to apply what you learn about yourself in real time. It is not needed, but an excellent tool if you can afford it. 


Dr. Eric Gentry was where my trauma and anxiety career began. After taking his course and working with him directly through a weekly webinar, I could not recommend this book more highly. It is a thorough overview of anxiety.


Francine Shapiro is the creator of the most widely accepted trauma treatment, EMDR. In this book she helps the reader incorporate some of these techniques outside of therapy and understand their present behavior based on their past trauma.


Peter Levine is well-known in the trauma and anxiety field. This is a self-help book that discuss the somatic experience (body) of anxiety and the enrgy and tension it creates.


Another excelet book by Peter Levine that addresses the memory issues that often accompany anxiety and related disorders. 


This book is constructed by a top neuroscientist and top Buddhist scholars who discuss the connection between the science and spirituality of mindfulness to decrease fear, anxiety, and worry.


This is one of the three most important books I own. It discusses breath meditation and the eightfold path of the Buddhist philosophy (not religion), laying out directions to a calm and joyous life.


This book does not so much discuss anxiety, but is a story that explores the purpose of everything on this Earth. This was a #1 bestseller and has at least four sequels that I know of.

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This book is written by a holocaust survivor who is a neurologist among other titles. This is a life changing book for many, and hard to describe. I would suggest reading the reviews. This is a must read for anyone struggling with depression and/or trauma. 


The vagus nerve runs throughout the body and manages the parasympathetic nervous system, controlling many automatic functions like lungs, heart, and digestive track. These are all physical areas impacted by anxiety.

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Amazing book with great visuals that helps to break down IFS, or "parts" work. This is excellent for a clinician or a client. Probably the best explanation of Internal Family Systems without getting too dry. A must own.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or "tapping" has gained a lot of momentum. This is an overview of how to use tapping for trauma healing and many other things. There is also an app under the same name. 

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Original book by the creator of Internal Family Systems (IFS). This is a detailed introduction. 

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