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I provide vibroacoustic therapy for my clients within my daily work setting, and I offer full sensory immersion sessions using the Vibroacoustic Sensory Immersion Table (VSI-T). These sessions are 30-60 minutes long and along with vibroacoustics, there are multiple other options available that the individual can choose from to cater the session to their needs and tolerance. 


  • OPTION 1: White light therapy device projects 10,000 lumens onto the face and upper body to enhance energy and mood, stimulating the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) within the hypothalamus through the retinas, which is associated with the body’s biological clock. This has been shown to improve mood and may assist with improved sleep patterns

  • OPTION 2: Eye massage device with heating or cooling option. This is useful for those who either use computers or phones often, or also to add another layer of vibration to the vibroacoustic experience.

  • OPTION 3: Virtual reality glasses are optional for sight immersion and provide 3D environments that range from a calm, natural setting (like a forest) to a colorful and energy filled room for exploration of the chakras

    • Light therapy device may still be used but effects are limited due to blocked access to the retinas



  • OPTION 1: Noise cancelling headphones are used to eliminate all outside noises and only allow internal body sounds in response to vibrations from transducers.

  • OPTION 2: Binaural frequencies are played to reset brainwaves and encourage specific chemical reactions for positive changes in mood

  • OPTION 3: Guided meditation, guided visualization, white noise, or other sounds can be provided. The user may also opt for noise cancelling only to focus on internal sounds or silence



  • Four 50W transducers driven by a 200W, 4 channel amp deliver powerful vibrations that are set to specific frequencies to penetrate the entire body from head to toe

  • Transducers can target ultra-low frequencies from 15Hz – 125Hz to stimulate regulation of the nervous system and influence internal frequency, or be set to target one or more specific chakra frequencies

  • A weighted heating blanket is available to add layer of warmth above the body to encourage relaxation of the muscles and add a comforting sensation from the weight of the blanket (15lbs.)



  • Client receives 2-3 drops of highly concentrated nervine mixture that includes natural nervine herbs (mixture dependent on allergies) to improve nervous system functioning and health long term

  • Client may also opt for continued supplementation plan based on their immediate concerns or needs, which may include sleep, memory, focus, attention, headaches, etc. An individualized supplement plan is available at the completion of the user’s session

  • A cleansing tea is can be provided after completion of session to hydrate the body and flush any toxins that may be released due to vibrations and various stimulation to the muscle and nervous systems



  • Lavender and/or Chamomile may be diffused using small diffuser unit placed near where user’s head is laying to stimulate calm and relaxation response

    • User may opt for organic essential oils to be applied around neck and face to enhance diffusion, or in place of diffusion

    • If user focus is on promoting energy, then calming oils can be replaced with citrus based essential oils to stimulate rather than calm

  • For meditation session: Frankincense is recommended, or a Calm Blend


BONUS: Direct Internal Stimulation

  • This intervention is available upon request. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device is a non-invasive, drug-free method shown to be effective in pain relief as well as nerve stimulation. The TENS unit is available to attach to specific parts of the ear on the individual using clips to provide stimulation directly to the Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is responsible for regulating heart rate, breathing, digestion, and other important functions that require a healthy nervous system. This is a small electrical current that can be adjusted precisely from a “tickle” to a barely noticeable sensation; the method is not painful to any degree when utilized correctly

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