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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder



An Overview of ADHD: This is a presentation I created to provide training and awareness of what ADHD looks like, the complications it creates, and some of the strategies to manage this brain based disorder. 


I Have ADHD, That's Okay: This is a young man with ADHD who does a great job at sharing his experience while trying to keep our attent..... sorry, attention using humor and animation.


Where Are All the Women w/ ADHD: Yes, gender, race, age, and many other characteristics and attributes impact the experience of ADHD. This discusses the relationship of having ADHD as a female. 


ADHD and Black: Having ADHD is an experience, being Black is an experience, having ADHD and being Black is a unique experience. This videos considers Black culture in relationship to ADHD. 


ADHD and Boredom: I really do not think this needs to be explained, those of us with ADHD always seem busy, yet we still get bored. What the h3!# is going on!


Life Hacks for ADHD: I know, he is a little goofy, but he has a couple of useful ideas that acknowledge some common struggles for those with ADHD.


ASML Whisper Meditation: Some find this video relaxing and helpful when struggling with focus and restlessness. 


ADHD Explained w/ ASL: I'll be honest, I have no idea what this gentleman is sharing.... but I am comfortable relying on the CDC to communicate some of the symptoms of ADHD, especially by including those who only speak ASL. 


Music For Focus: This is an ambient channel with isochronic soundwaves that some find helpful when trying to relax, study, write, or work. I find it personally nice to have on in the background. 


What is ADHD: This video actually does a good job of identifying common markers of ADHD (although it is a bit cheesy at times). 


This is How You Treat ADHD: This video is a lecture by Dr. Russel Brown who is a leading authority on ADHD. It breaks down what the problem is and defined steps on how to treat ADHD daily.  


Work From Home w/ ADHD: At the time of posting this (COVID Era) it couldn't be more appropriate. Our favorite helper from How to ADHD video series gives tips to manage both ADHD and working from home.
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