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Sleep... What's That? 10 Quick Tips To Improve, That.

I always say there are three main tasks to attend to in order to be healthy, (1) sleep, (2) exercise, and (3) eating. Now of course, meditation, art, music, and many other areas of life are significant. However, sleep seems to get put on the back-burner for many people who feel they are too "busy". Or, some would feel blessed to be too busy to sleep because they want it so bad but it seems to escape them so many nights. Well there are quite a few simple, easy, and mostly free techniques to increase the likelihood of sleep, both in quality and quantity. Below I have outlined a few suggestions. You can also view various products that I find extremely useful to help calm and to get to sleep. You can view them on my Resources page, the pictures link to items on Amazon. Shop around, they are just suggestions. Here we go!!

  1. Routine!! You want to try and go to bed around the same time and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. You have an internal clock, and your body will try to adjust to guess when you want it to energize or calm. If you do not give it consistent information, it will guess random times every night and sleep will elude you.

  2. Use the bedroom for what it was meant for, sleep. You may of course use it for sex, if you are one of the lucky ones, but it needs to remain a calm space as much as possible. Your mind and body associate spaces with certain thoughts and feelings. Do not lay in bed to watch tv or do work on the computer. Lay in bed when you plan to fall asleep.

  3. Stay away from the light! Do not be on your phone or watching tv an hour before you want to sleep. Your brain releases a chemical called melatonin when it perceives the sun is setting (and based on internal clock mentioned above). If you are blasting your face with light from the phone or tv, you are literally telling your brain you d